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Benefits: Mitigate Risk,Control Energy Consumption, Receive Savings, and Reduce GHG Emissions.

Want to save 30% on your building’s monthly utility bills.

Ask us about our GUARANTEED Savings Solution.

Complete Energy Solutions is an industry leader in Energy Management working towards supporting the City’s TransformTO climate action strategy and reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

One of a few fundamental and economical methods in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is by implementing a Building Automation System.  We use a non-proprietary software to optimize and reduce energy consumption. By controlling how much energy your building uses, you can automatically start to save.

If you are a condo manager, property manager, building owner, or stakeholder, we understand the scope of your job, the urgency, sensitivity, and high demand of needing to meet everyone’s expectations. What if we told you that we could help with a fundamental component to your daily obligation in keeping residents and commuters happy. We have a way to not only free up your precious time, but to give you peace of mind and improve your building’s performance to meet government policies and greenhouse gas emission standards.   

The benefit of engaging Complete Energy Solutions is that our experts are trained in both software and mechanical HVAC operations which means the perfect calibration for true optimization. Bundle services to gain true value, support in building operations and for additional discounts to save more.

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