Generator Services

Power outages can be crippling to your operations.

CES PowerOn offers turnkey solutions for all Emergency Generator needs ranging from New / Retrofit / Replacement installations to 24/7 emergency generator services, CSA-282 Preventative Maintenance and infrared scanning for transfer switches, load panels and alternators on generators.


Professional Commercial Inspection Service

We will locate issues that may lead to major damage resulting in costly repairs. We will bring your building up to ASTM Standards using sophisticated inspection and detection techniques such as Infrared Electrical System Scanning

Turnkey Services

We will design and build your generator system to suit your unique needs from start to finish.

We are trained specialists at installing components and accessories:

Transfer Switches
Load Banks
Fuel and Exhaust System
Complete Generator Systems


Prior to start-up, perform one full crank cycle. Near the end of the cycle (and while still cranking) measure and record the lowest indicated battery voltage. Alternately, perform a batter load test using a suitable load tester. If the measured voltage is less than 80% of the battery’s rated voltage, replace the battery (extra, to be done upon approval of written estimate).


  • Open all inspection covers and inspect all electrical connections.

  • Test breakers for proper operation

  • Clean insulators and bushings

  • Test voltage regulator for proper operation

  • Operate all moving parts to ensure that they move freely

  • Clean and dress contacts as required

  • Check gauges


Change engine lubrication oil and filters Test strength of antifreeze Change fuel filters Inspect exhaust system and drain condensate trap Clean and lubricate linkages Inspect air filters Inspect mechanical connections Inspect all electrical connections.


Test surge suppressor and rotating rectifier on brushless machines Grease bearing (replace old grease with new) if applicable. Clean commutator and slip rings (if applicable) Inspect coupling bolts and alignment Inspect conduits for tightness Inspect windings at rotor and stator slots inspect all electrical connections.

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CES PowerON ensures your generators are always functioning at their best!

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