The CES PowerON Process

It really is very simple. Our goal is to proactively help clients meet and exceed their budget objectives without compromising the ability to operate within their environment. Simply provide us with your last 3 hydro bills and our experts will perform a detailed lighting requirements assessment, leaving no stoned unturned.

Our thorough breakdown of your current lighting system’s inefficiencies on a zone-by-zone basis starts with the count and identification all of your current lighting fixtures, bulbs and systems. Based on our findings we will provide you with a FREE Energy Audit assessing your needs, highlighting specific benefits to you and your bottom line.

After reviewing the audit with you and discussing your current needs and future lighting requirements, we present you with a recommendation for retrofitting or modifying your workplace with new, low energy lighting solutions that is custom tailored to your needs and guarantees the highest ROIs and paybacks.

You can also feel at ease knowing that we handle all the government rebate applications to ensure that you fully take advantage of all the benefits involved in the retrofit. We are highly trained in the process and can expedite the application quickly and accurately! Upon OPA pre-approval, our certified team will install all new lighting systems and dispose of the old systems in an environmentally friendly manner.

In addition, we will continue to track your energy consumption for 3 months after completing the work, fine-tuning the systems if needed, followed by annual anniversary inspections of your workplace to discuss your changing needs and changes in the industry affecting energy consumption and workplace productivity.

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