Complete Chiller Solutions is the GTA’s premium service provider for everything chiller.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise, exercising Best Practices in the High-Rise Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors.

Your COMPLETE Solution.

  • Asset Management Plans

  • Life cycle cost analysis

  • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Plans

  • Building and Chiller Plant Optimization (can be paired with Energy Management Experts)

  • Chiller Control Retrofits

  • Chiller VFD Solutions

  • Low Pressure Purge Retrofits

  • Eddy Current Tube Testing


Your COMPLETE Solution.

Chillers are the most expensive part of any building’s mechanical system.

We understand that these machines present a large investment for property managers and owners and thus support our clients in enhancing  performance and extending product life expectancy.

While some products cannot be saved due to inadequate maintenance by previous service providers, we can provide cost-effective, energy management solutions that meet client confidence.

We offer unmatched services for everything chiller:

  • Chiller Maintenance on all Chiller Makes

  • Chiller Emergency Service Calls

  • Retrofits

  • Chiller Overhauls and Compressor Inspections

  • Cooling Tower Services

  • Energy Management

With the industry’s most knowledgeable and skilled experts, we sweat the small stuff so that you don’t have to.

How do we ensure the best service?

Comprehensive solutions provided by expert staff.

If regular maintenance of the chiller is ignored, it will cause unnecessary breakdowns and shorten service life. Without proper maintenance, deterioration of function and performance is inevitable.

Recommended every 10 years or 50,000 hours of operation, it is vital to understand the internals of the heart of your cooling system, the compressor. This service allows you to perform an educated evaluation of your system’s condition.

  • Ensure Optimum Operation
  • Gain Peace of Mind
  • Prolong Equipment Life
  • Avoid Unexpected Failures
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Discover Hidden Problems
  • Life expectancy post-overhaul is approximately 10 to 15 years

CCS understands the importance of saving energy and maintenance costs. Chillers are expensive pieces of equipment that represent a large electricity load for most customers. To avoid unnecessary repairs, failures, and replacements, it is important to schedule thorough inspections and overhauls. (Chiller overhauls are important in prolonging the life and efficiency of the equipment. For the purpose of preventive maintenance, periodical overhaul maintenance is indispensable).

Every 25,000 hours or 10 years.

Our experts are trained in:

York Chillers

Daikin Chillers

Trane Chillers

Carrier Chillers

Smardt Chillers

Arctic Cool Chillers

Tandem Chillers

Multistack Chillers

Cooling Towers (B.A.C, Evapco,)

Energy Management


Shane Cote

Service Foreman

Complete Chiller Solutions (CCS) is proud to announce Shane Cote as Service Foreman. Shane has over 20 years of experience, specializing in York/JCI.

Reminding all Condominium Managers that it’s important to investigate your building’s cooling system ahead of time. CCS is busy prepping for the hot summer months. We want your residents to be comfortable. We hear it’s gonna be a HOT one. Let’s work together to ensure everyone is keeping cool.


Neil Patten, C.E.M.


Neil Patten has over 15 years of experience within the HVACR industry.

Prior to leading the Complete Chiller Solutions team as President, Neil lead the Daiken Applied team in Canada in sales from 2015-2019 as each project sold would be handled and managed by Neil. Neil was instrumental in driving revenue growth, and retention and fostering relationships with large clients that spanned various vertical markets.

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Neil comes from a trade and educational background family and was able to capitalize on both ventures early in his career; earning his 313A Journeyman status as a chiller mechanic, gas fitter 1 license and having the privilege of teaching chiller-oriented courses along with night school HVAC apprenticeship courses.

Neil is an avid volunteer in his community, enjoys giving back, and always finds time for worthy causes.

Neil holds multiple trade licenses as well as Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

Cooling Towers

Initial and Seasonal Start-Up

  1. Remove any debris, such as leaves and dirt from the air inlets.

  2. Flush the basin and strainer screens to remove any sediment or dirt.

  3. Remove the strainer screen, clean it, and reinstall it.

  4. Test the mechanical float valve to see if it operates freely.

  5. Inspect water distribution system nozzles and clean them.

  6. Check to ensure drift eliminators are securely in place and in the proper orientation.

  7. Adjust fan belt tension as required.

  8. Lubricate and check fan shaft bearings prior to seasonal start-up.

  9. Turn the fan(s) by hand to insure it turns freely without obstructions.

  10. Inspect the fan blades.

  11. Fill the basin manually up to the overflow connection.

After the unit has been energized, we will check the following:

  1. Adjust the mechanical float valve as required.

  2. Unit basin should be filled to the proper operating level.

  3. Verify fan is rotating in the proper direction.

  4. Measure the voltage and current on all three power leads.

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