Comprehensive Energy Audit

Global warming, carbon tax, save the earth… go green.

These might be the first things that come to mind when you think of the reasons why you should have an Energy Audit completed.

The biggest reason why – is for the COST SAVINGS!

Engaging Complete Energy Solutions for your Energy Audit means you get an exclusive Forensic CSI team dedicated to analyzing the performance of your building.

Complete Solutions Investigative Unit

CSI Energy Audit Objective

  1. Investigate,
  2. Collect, and analyzing data,
  3. Identify and review evidence of your building’s current energy consumption
    recommend viable retrofit solutions and energy conservation

CES Energy Audits

A CES Energy Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your building’s energy consumption. Our energy management experts will compile a list of carefully-researched recommendations for your building. These will help to increase the efficiency and longevity of your building’s HVAC (and other) systems while cutting down on utility costs.

Our goal is to make your buildings greener and more energy efficient; Energy Audits are a great way to SAVE!

Our all-inclusive, detailed report.
Three types of energy audits

ASHRAE – Level 1 Audit

 Level 1 Audit is the first step towards identifying instances of energy inefficiency in a building. Following the audit, you will receive a report containing a walkthrough of the facility, including a brief review of its utility bills and a preliminary energy analysis. This will highlight low-cost measures and potential capital work for improvement. The main purpose of a level 1 audit is to uncovers inefficient areas of the building.

ASHRAE – Level 2 Audit

Level 2 audits include and build off of the preliminary level 1 analysis. They also include an in-depth financial analysis of the proposed retrofits and energy calculations. During a level 2 audit, we perform a life cost analysis and examine your utility bills to help evaluate your building’s rate structure. Then we can propose energy conservation measures and site-specific operating cost savings. Afterwards, you will receive a comprehensive report of all energy measures compiled to help better understand the building’s mechanical and operational deficiencies.

ASHRAE – Level 3 Audit

Level 3 audits are highly detailed, investment grade analysis. As part of the auditing process, we will install temporary meters on your property, which gives us an accurate reading of the building’s energy usage. Since they use live data, these audits are extremely useful, and are common in large commercial and industrial spaces.
After we’ve completed a comprehensive energy audit, we will recommend customized solutions for your building’s specific needs. In addition, we will submit all applicable rebate and incentive applications on your behalf for free!
Our goal is to maximize the amount of money you receive for your building’s projects, and to make sure those projects are saving you as much as possible.

Our conclusions are illustrated in a confidential, comprehensive, detailed research report to our clients.

The REPORT will include:

  • Data Analysis on the Existing Conditions + Retrofit Conditions on all equipment/products

Building Automations System Implementation

  • The Building Automation System with projected costs and estimated savings of per year using the current metered gas rate.
  • An illustration of a simple payback in an approximate duration normally an average of 1.5 – 2 years
  • a return on investment is also indicated in a percentage per year using the simple payback method.
  • Maintenance savings will be considered and reflected and additional
  • Our team will identify if your building qualifies for a Conservation Incentive with Enbridge Gas
  • The CSI team will also qualify your property for any additional incentives from the Save-On-Energy program

Why choose the Complete Energy Solutions CSI Unit to perform your Energy Audit?

  • 10 Years Experience

  • Engineering firms cost a lot (besides they outsource to us)


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