Penthouse Suite Real Estate prices are a huge investment. Our client recognizes the importance of keeping their building in tip top shape so that penthouse owners are comfortable and confident with their investment. During last year, several homeowners experienced unfavourable conditions with aging roof top units. Our expert project and construction teams were called to replace 16 Rooftop Units (specific to the air quality within the upper level condo units). Last week, our top-caliber construction team diligently worked to resolve the challenge of: 1. Disconnecting and removing all 16 of the old units 2. Hoisting and placing all 16 of the new units (with new curb adapters) Out with the OLD and worn out existing units that were both inefficient and unable to provide the desired temperatures. In with the NEW #York units, which are highly efficient and will provide the desired thermal comfort for years to come. ALL IN A DAY’S WORK! It was no problem for our championship caliber team of experts. Minimal downtime, maximum efficiency and comfort! Another job well-done by our CES Projects and Construction Team!

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