Our Complete Energy Solutions Experts – measure, cut, weld, fit and never quit until each piece of the masterpiece fits perfectly. When shopping around for a new Mechanical System Solution – there’s never an “out-of-box” solution. We provide the right solution to meet each client’s needs and will always promise to deliver each project on time & on budget. CES was selected as the prime HVAC contractor to install a brand new Cooling Tower and High Efficiency Magnetic Bearing Chiller for this Del Managed multi-residential, hi-rise condominium built in 1990. Yet another flawlessly executed project and another satisfied client! Challenge: Most cooling towers and chillers are located on a building’s rooftop. This condominium has the mechanical system located all underground. It wasn’t an ideal situation having to knockdown the old chiller and bring in the new one, piece by piece, all awhile passing it through the ground shaft mesh, but we made it look easy. There is never a challenge to big or small, that CES cannot overcome! Highlights: CES decommissioned the old centrifugal chiller, cooling tower and pumps replacing it with a 490 ton high efficiency magnetic bearing #Daikin chiller, along with a new cooling tower and new dual temp loop pumps with variable frequency drives, providing greater energy efficiency and savings. Our New Client Gained: Rebate: +$45,000 Annual Savings: +223,000 kWh Payback period in approximately 8 years Congrats! Complete Energy Solutions Another job well done and a new happy client gained. www.completeenergysolutions.ca

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