Your current outdoor lighting requires over 300 watts per fixture. CES PowerOn’s state of the art technology in LED lighting and energy efficiency allows you to lower your usage to 60 watts per fixture!



  • Take advantage of OPA Rebates and up to 70% savings on your hydro bill

  • With a 60,000 – 100,000 hour/ 5 year warranty, you will be free of accumulating maintenance and labor costs that are associated with scissor lifts.

  • Our special financing plan with no money down allows YOUR savings to pay for the lights!

Key Benefits

  • No more scissor lifts and high maintenance costs associated with replacing bulbs

  • Thousands of dollars in savings through government rebates

  • Bright lights mean a safer and more secure establishment

  • Up to 70% in savings on your hydro bill

  • Energy Star & DLC approved product.

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