North York MakeUp Air Unit with modulating heat, a cooling element resulting in thermal comfort for homeowners

In replacing the old, inefficient Make Up Air Unit, our client also wanted to add cooling capabilities for the residents. A thorough analysis and investigation was required to confirm the structural integrity of the roof. This North York condominium posed a few challenges, but our team of experts were up to the challenge! It was a good exercise of inventive minds collaborating. With no structural drawings available, our team of experts drafted a solution to meet our client’s desire, applying cooling and heating, where it didn’t exist before. This new unit has modulating heating, variable speed drives throughout, and unlike the old unit, will now provide cooling while also providing increased energy efficiency. Highlights: • Unique Project Requirement – identical footprint needed while providing mechanical cooling in the new unit. • END RESULT = 20% savings on natural gas, 30% savings on electricity and significantly increased thermal comfort for residents.

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