The fly condo is situated in one of Toronto’s busiest intersections and sought after neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto. CES PowerOn, part of The Complete Group of Companies, helps condo managers enhance their buildings with LED Lighting Solutions, while saving them money and reducing their building’s energy consumption. One of the easiest, cost-efficient and non-disruptive ways for condominium boards to increase their overall asset, while dramatically lowering hydro consumption is to complete a lighting retrofit. Watch this video to get a glimpse on how CES PowerOn gave this 2013 Empire Development a “Glow-Up” makeover.

Ashrae Energy Audits help to identify key areas of inefficiencies and allow condo managers and boards to implement long term cost savings, while taking advantage of FREE government incentives.

Call us to discuss obtaining a FREE, safe and Covid friendly Energy Audit of your property. Start saving today!

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