Double the trouble – NOT for our Top Caliber Subject Matter Experts! This twin complex had a Rooftop Make Up Air units Retrofitted with COMPLETE ease, in just a few hours.

This project included the replacement of tiresome out dated, Make Up Air Units which were running at constant speed around the clock, resulting in high utility costs for both buildings.

Complete Energy Solutions recommended retrofitting new gas fired Make Up Air Units by Engineered Air (@EngA). The new rooftop units come with Variable Frequency Drives for Energy Efficiency, resulting in Cost Savings $$$ while eliminating the potential for catastrophic issues of overheated elevator motors.

The property manager, condo board and residents can rest assured knowing that the upgraded new rooftop units have an economizer for energy savings and low ambient cooling kit.

Minor Challenge: 1. One-time Crane set up to reach both complexes and avoid shoring requirements due to underground parking The best part of this project is that our client is able to enjoy incredible cost savings.


Total Combined GAS & HYDRO Savings of $35,229 in utilities per year
One-time incentive of $21,623.40
The Retrofit Project ROI is 8.2%

Assuming no inflation, LIFETIME Project Energy Savings over the next 20 years is $704,580.74.

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