Building Automation Systems

Whether you are managing a new building, or looking to implement a building automation system to an aging structure – We have the right SMART BUILDING SOLUTION for all your High-Rise, Multi-Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building needs.

We design, install, maintain and monitor non-proprietary systems, allowing for flexibility and transparency. We actually care for the best interest of our clients, not ours!

Everyone is talking about SMART BUILDINGS

It’s not the FUTURE – it’s the NOW!

We will help you maximize your time for you to do more while saving you money.

Instant diagnostic reports, means faster resolution and faster reporting.

Preventative Maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment, saving you money in the long run.

An optimized system reduces energy costs.

While intelligent buildings have been the conversation for decades, Toronto Condo Managers, Board Members, Property Owners, and Commercial Landlords have only recently begun adapting to the innovation and understanding the value of implementing SMART Technology into their properties.

A Building Automation System (BAS) can save a property owner $$$$$ in operational costs generating an increase in its property value. Building Automation Systems can typically save 15-40% of a building’s annual operating costs associated with the utilities. Running the equipment less and controlling it better, reduces wear and tear, helping to keep maintenance costs down while extending the life of the equipment.

Bas 1

Building Automation System

  • Lower utility cost = resident saving money

  • Longer lasting equipment = lower monthly maintenance

  • Landlord Gain: Increased Asset Value

  • Resident Gain: Lower Monthly costs & Higher Re-Sale Value in Real Estate Worth

By automating processes like your building’s temperature, airflow, and equipment speed, you extend the life span of your equipment. In reality, you are saving on costs, because your equipment works less during off-peak hours. The reduced load on your HVAC system will also mean fewer breakdowns. We will optimize our system to your unique building with a combination of localized data, unique algorithms, and cloud-based artificial intelligence to maximize effectiveness and your bottom line. KEY Measurable Component – Keeps Annual Maintenance Fees Low Long Term.

In both the short and long term, a building automation system can save you an incredible amount of money, while also making managing your building much easier.

Sample Reports - what our investigative team deciphers

Smarter Buildings

The controller of a building automation system is an amazing piece of technology. It can be a mobile, tablet or PC, anywhere in the world, which means you can be anywhere in the world, (vacation time) controlling your building’s energy performance.

It has never been easier to save money.

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It uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to learn how your building operates and automatically adapts to improve its effectiveness. Once your system learns about the expected occupancy of certain rooms, for example, it can adjust the temperature accordingly. This way, your building can be more energy-efficient, even with minimal input from your side!

A scheduler can be linked to a makeup air unit in a large condominium building. For six hours every day, starting at midnight, it runs at a lower power setting. This reduces the building’s operating costs. Meanwhile, the change is unnoticed by sleeping residents.

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Mobile Control

Your building automation system is more than just passive adjustments; it brings total control to the palm of your hand. You have complete access to your building’s interconnected systems and can make adjustments whenever necessary.

This also means that you’ll be the first to know, if anything is malfunctioning, or if anything could be functioning better. Your electric, HVAC, and alarm systems, can all be monitored and modified through an app on your phone. The level of control, building automation gives you, is unmatched by any other service!

A building automation system, can bring a huge boost to your building’s comfort level, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It makes the enormous task of managing a building’s mechanical operation considerably easier. SURPRISE! A lot of our clients wonder why they didn’t install one sooner!

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