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Just a few words to express my long overdue gratitude and delight for the CES quick and professional response to our emergency call when our main chiller of two high-rise building was down after power outage over a long weekend. Emmanuel and Channa responded to my email late evening and technician came on site next day (Sunday!) to replace the part and cooling system backed online. Your team have quite a fine team of highly experienced, knowledgeable, polite, gentlemen, our residents (710 Suites) have enjoyed the long weekend holiday at home because of you. This issue was resolved in under 24 hours over a long weekend! I am grateful to you (Emmanuel & Channa) and all your staff for the quick response and great customer services. You guys ROCK! Thank you again.

Daniel Mousavi, MBA, OLCM, RCM Senior Condominium Manager

The standard of service that we receive from Complete Energy Solutions is not only professional, but we take comfort in knowing they always look after our best interests. CES always takes a proactive approach to better serve our building’s operational needs. Recently, we were made aware of potential risk and liability concerns in our cooling tower water treatment process. Collaboratively, the concern was investigated, and the best practice proposal was actioned for implementation immediately. Complete Energy Solutions recommended a cost-effective solution and quickly installed a secondary containment water treatment system. CES stays on top of ASHRAE Standards, by always delivering us information that we may have not come across because of our busy

schedules. They keep us informed so that we can make the right decision, without any pressure from them. This company really cares about its clients. Thank you, CES!

Aisel Stamate

To whom it may concern,

YRCC 675 has engaged the contract services of CES and have been working together for a number of years now.

Our buildings staff have been able to rely on CES for prompt response times, experienced technicians and friendly customer service. We have had the pleasure of successfully working together through some very large projects such as Chiller Replacement, Cooling Tower Replacement and our Fan Coil Retrofit program for the entire condominium building.

There is no doubt that quality and service are above and beyond expectation with CES. It is with great pleasure to write this testimonial and extreme confidence to recommend

Complete Energy Solutions (CES) for all your HVAC, Plumbing and affiliated needs.

Jason Gold, President

Preeminent service with precision and high ROI- This has been my experience as a Senior Condominium Manager with COMPLETE Energy Solutions. The Power Systems Computation Conference 1028 was followed by energy savings and financial advantage, with respect to the terms of cost, services, and efficiency improvements.

Thanks to CES, our annual savings on the Lighting Retrofit and BAS Projects amount to a total of $150,756. Marking a tremendous gain in productivity in hydro by 827,237kwh and gas by 116,476m3 in 2020 in comparison to 2018.

Going by our post-project audit, CES not only came through with their detailed business case report but marked it as an accuracy by delivering the results.

So, Congratulations to the CES team for the excellent job done!

Abhijit Roy, Senior Condominium Manager

The Building Automation System in our building , installed and monitored by CES, has brought  incredible ease and comfort into our lives. Finally, we feel like we are the ones in control of our building. I receive alarms and notifications right to my phone, and we can diagnose problems right away. Our CES designated Building Automation technician is reachable 24/7 and always ready to assist us – this is a level of reliability we did not have before.

Condominium Manager

The two corporations that I manage entered into new contracts with CES approximately two years ago. Their cost for service was in line with others and they offered an energy audit of the building systems. After the contracts began, we quickly determined that CES was attentive and very professional in their dealings with staff and Management. The Energy audits produced areas that the corporations could save on utility costs. Variable speed drives were installed on air handling units and cooling towers. Not only did we see savings but CES assisted in obtaining incentives for work completed. I am pleased to offer recommendations for CES as they have not only performed their work but did so with the best interest of the corporation in mind at all times.

Property Manager

I’m always more than glad to give my positive feedback, and appreciation to my good, hard working, and professional Contractors, which you happen to be one of them.

I must say that I’m very pleased with CES services thus far, and really hope to continue to receive the same quality of services.

I would also like to mention and thank the wonderful Donna whose always very responsive to my emails.

Rusal Alsawaf, Shared Facility Manager

In the perfect world, a Rooftop Installation of a Makeup Air Unit would be a summertime project. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want, unless you are using Complete Energy Solutions as your prime contractor. Despite the weather challenges that come with doing a large rooftop installation in the dead of winter – the team at Complete Energy Solutions made the job effortless. Their team of experts ranging from mechanical engineers, project managers, dedicated construction crew and Operations VP enabled our project to go smoothly from start to finish. Our new Makeup Air Unit installed at The Montgomery in Stone-Queensway, Etobicoke Toronto has not only saved us money, it has also provided our residents with more favourable conditions in the common areas of the building. Thank you, Complete Energy Solutions!

Gabriel Dolnicianu, R.C.M., A.I.H.M. CEO

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