Underground parking in residential and office buildings constitute 60% of the building’s total electricity cost.

Lighting can be dimmed up to 40% and be tied to motion sensors, which means even more savings when you don’t need full lighting.


The challenge was to increase light levels for security and liability while also reducing operating costs by up to 70%.

With CES PowerOn’s sensor automated fixture, we can decrease wattages that are typically 67W down to 18W.

The scope of the project was to retrofit a 300,000 Sq Ft parking garage that was equipped with 100W HPW ceiling mount fixtures.



  • Our team installed 18W high output LED fixtures.
  • Implemented sensor automation to reduce consumption when full light levels were not required.

Key Benefits

  • First year immediate savings well over $72K

  • $39K incentive rebates provided by the government

  • Increase property value

  • Long term savings for condo owners


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