Our Subject Matter Experts went into this luxurious premier Toronto chiller plant to perform a C3 Complete Inspection and Compressor Overhaul which resulted in a healthy heart restoration and make-over.

There was so much more life and run time left in the 18-year-old McQuay chiller Things you should know:

  • VFD Starter Upgrades can provide energy savings of up to 30-40% and prolong equipment life.

  • With an ROI of 3-5 years. It’s all in the controls – we’re finding that more and more of the older chiller control panels are becoming obsolete which isn’t an issue for our top caliber team.

We were able to swap out the old with a new non-proprietary panel and uncuffing our clients Non-Proprietary Advantages:

  • Cost savings;

  • Any provider can navigate the system;

  • No need to replace the entire unit which saved time and money.

Why choose our subject matter experts?

We give 5-year Warranty on Parts & Labour * depending on the service and model. Complete Chiller Solutions, part of the complete group of companies is your #1 Premier Chiller Service Provider.

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