Fed up with costly chiller repairs in the tens of thousands of dollars, our team of experts at Complete Chiller Solutions were called to action, solving an ongoing problem for a new client.

These larger complexes often have very sophisticated cooling systems, which can be a challenge to properly understand and diagnose. Our team of experts quickly uncovered some major issues with these chillers, preventing catastrophic failure! Our experts performed a comprehensive assessment identifying the root cause of the chillers’ recurring failures.

The chillers were in dire need of some critical replacement parts. Even with required components expedited to fix the issues, this urgent and critical matter was on its way to being permanently fixed. Our team’s immediate reaction was to source, install, and have a rental chiller operational, within 24 hours to ensure tenants comfort while the expedited parts arrived.


After performing an emergency, around the clock internal compressor inspection, specifically diagnosing the internal issues, our team of chiller experts provided the Complete Chiller Solution. We were now able to finally resolve the ongoing problems and saved this condo corporation tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing repairs.

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