It takes a top caliber team of experts to make a multi-layered project go smoothly AND in less time than a full day’s work.

3 Main Parts to this Multi-Layered Project:

1) Chiller – Out with the old 200-ton chiller and in with a new energy efficient, magnetic bearing, Daikin chiller that has increased reliability and efficiency providing maximum energy savings for our client.

2) Cooling Tower – Sometimes all that is required is a sensible overhaul to the existing equipment, such as in this in this case. We replaced the motor, epoxy coated the interior surface of the tower and added a variable frequency drive for maximum efficiency.

3) Existing gas fired Make Up Air units were inefficient and problematic. We replaced them with two Daikin units complete with hydronic heating and cooling to ensure residents comfort throughout the year.

Minor concern -no problem!

The complexity of having a small chiller room entranceway, resulted in hauling the big mechanical equipment, piece by piece and rebuilding it inside mechanical room. Our version of LEGOS for HVAC.

Having an experienced team of experts is key to meeting any client’s expectations, without resulting in any unforeseen conflicts.

Chiller + Cooling Tower + Make-Up Air Unit = the Complete Energy Solution Call for Free Assessment (905) 629-6713

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